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Back to school back to you. Weightloss challenge 2019!

You survived the summer! 

Now the kids are back at school…breath…phew. 

Now it is time to focus on you. 

Whether the school year is busier or easier, for all of us it means ROUTINE!

Routine means falling into habits, switching on that automatic brain and going into cruise control. 

Wait, wait, wait. Do you want to fall back into your habits from last year? 

Does that mean not taking enough time for yourself? Skipping breakfast and grabbing a sugary treat when you get the shakes mid-morning? Maybe it is that mid-afternoon donut, eaten in your car as you drive the kids between activities? Or getting home after work too tired to cook so it’s take out again, the kids choose pizza and you’re too tired to argue?

Wouldn’t it be nice to start the day feeling great. Well rested after a great nights sleep. Fuel your body with food that nourishes and supports you. Never feel hungry or deprived of the foods you love. No blood-sugar crash. No late night cravings. Enjoy your food and don’t feel guilty when you sit down to eat the foods that truly bring you joy. 

With nutrition coaching you will learn how to eat and enjoy food. Yes - you can enjoy food and you will NOT be on a diet.

Through a habit based nutrition program designed by Precision Nutrition you will find your way to LIFELONG health and wellness.
More than 100,000 people have gone through this program and successfully lost weight and kept it off. 

Many have changed their lives so much they have gone on to study nutrition and coach the program themselves.

We know the program works, maybe you have tried something similar in the past but had trouble sticking to the lessons. This is where I come in. 

I’ll be your coach and make sure that you stick at this until all the habits become second nature. I trained with the Mayo Clinic, the USA’s #1 hospital and where the internationally renowned healthy lifestyles research clinic has researched and developed motivational techniques to help their clients with weight loss, quitting smoking, stress management and more. 

Motivating people is my skill and passion, I use techniques backed by science, I will teach you to love looking after yourself!

You can read more about my other credentials here which include years in the health and fitness industry, a medical degree, sports medicine training, sports and weight loss nutrition training, behavior change training at the Mayo Clinic and practical experience.  


What is included:

Personalized coaching

Starting with a 1 hour one on one discovery session to identify your unique challenges and obstacles and set you up for success.
Followed by 20-30 minute accountability and motivation sessions 1-2 times per month (depending on your needs).

Nutrition Software

Access to a PN Procoach habit based nutrition coaching software that has helped more than 100,000 people lose weight and keep it off. This easy to follow program will give you the skills, habits and confidence to lose weight in a sustainable way. The 12 month program is designed to take you through the initial weight loss and teach you the skills to keep it off long term.

Save time

Save time and money. The program only takes a few minutes a day. Eat what the family eats. No special meals, shakes or supplements. Once you complete the 12 months you will have the skills for life, no more yo-yo diets with expensive meals and products.


Home, office, traveling the program can be accessed from anywhere.
1 on 1 coaching sessions can be done in person (local area), over the phone or via video chat.
Have a special diet/medical condition or allergies? This can be catered for.
Not good with computers? Lessons can be delivered during 1 on 1 sessions.

Plus you'll get some free bonuses through out the year

Local Workshops

Those living in the local area will have the opportunity to meet others and can bring a friend to a local workshop covering nutrition, health and fitness topics. A chance to socialize, support each other and be inspired. Don't live in Pittsburgh? If you have 5 others doing the program with you I will do online webinars to suit your groups schedule.

In software and email support

Messaging support between sessions to get additional support, ask questions or receive feedback.

Wellness coaching

Have a more pressing issue like sleep or stress that is hindering your weight loss. I'll help you find solutions in our one on one sessions and can provide additional resource and worksheets.
Have a medical issue, I'll guide you on how to make the most of your doctors visits and help you implement your doctors advice into your life.

Recipes and food lists

You'll get recipe recommendation and grocery recommendations throughout the year to match up with the corresponding habits.

Nutrition coaching pricing

$179 USD/month

This includes online nutrition program with daily lessons and habits log.

75 minute discovery session prior to starting the program

2x coaching and accountability sessions every month (20-30 minutes duration)

Unlimited message support in app or email between sessions. 

Minimum 3 month commitment to ensure accountability and success.

Discount for a 12 month commitment. 

Payment plan: pay every 3 months

Prepay for the year and get your last month free ($179 value)

Once you click on on the red button you will be redirected to Stripe, an online, secure payment portal. The first payment is 3 months @$179/month = $537

Your next payment due 3 months later and will be automatically debited from the same account. The payments will stop after at total of 4 payments.

Following payment you will be sent an invitation to Procoach. If you have not received your invitation within 24 hours please email me: coachkaylie@gmail.com

You will also be sent a link to schedule your first coaching session.

If you want to change the payment source or cancel the payment please email me at coachkaylie@gmail.com at least 5 business days prior to the scheduled payment date. Failure to do so will result in a processing fee for any refunds (based on the fees charged by Stripe at the time and any processing fees charged during the initial payment).

Once you click on on the red button you will be redirected to Stripe, an online, secure payment portal. The one time payment is $1969 USD.

Following payment you will be sent an invitation to Procoach. If you have not received your invitation within 24 hours please email me: coachkaylie@gmail.com

You will also be sent a link to schedule your first coaching session.

If after 3 months you decide not to continue with the program a refund of any full remaining months will be given (fees incurred by Stripe for processing of the inital payment and refund will not be refunded). 

Why no monthly payment options?

There is clear evidence that those who make a commitment to a coaching program are far more successful. It is not possible to build sustainable habits in less than 3 months, I want to set you up for success. 

Have more questions?

For more information about the Procoach software click here. I am also happy to answer any other questions you have please email me on coachkaylie@gmail.com or set up a call back at a suitable time by clicking the button below.