About Kaylie

After graduating as a doctor of medicine in New Zealand in 2004 I saw first hand the effects that lifestyle had, not only on long term health but also on quality of life.

Throughout my decade of medical practice I continued to teach myself about nutrition, the effects of lifestyle on disease, sports and exercise science.

Just like my colleagues I spent time educating my patients about healthy eating, exercise, weight loss, smoking and reducing alcohol.

The occasional patient would come back with great success, reversing their diabetes or curing their knee pain.

Many others would continue to come back frustrated with themselves and with me for telling them again what they “needed” to do.

So what were the successful patients doing that the struggler’s were not?

Why could some people achieve their goals when others were falling short?

This got me fascinated about behavior change and the science behind habits.  


In 2014 I moved to Germany with my family and spent my days raising my kids and continuing my medical education learning more about lifestyle, nutrition, weigh loss and mindfulness for the treatment of disease.

In 2018 my family moved to the USA. I started studying for my US medical board exams and learning more about the US health system.

I soon realized that my passion lay outside of a medical system that relied heavily on prescription medication, where treatments were influenced by insurance companies and doctors were too time poor to focus on lifestyle interventions for chronic disease.

This is what led me to health coaching and the Mayo Clinic.

The Mayo clinic is the USA’s number one hospital leaders in the area of lifestyle medicine, with a strong commitment to robust scientific research. 

A Health Coaching certification from the Mayo Clinic is based on scientifically proven techniques such as motivational interviewing, goal setting and positive psychology as well as education in nutrition, movement and stress reduction.

Want to know more? 

email me at coachkaylie@gmail.com I’m happy to answer any questions over text or whatsapp on +14127575103 if you would prefer to talk over the phone please contact me via text or email first so we can schedule a suitable time.